Lee Rickler

Art is just copying stuff.
The method, the material and the moment is what defines its relevance.
What someone is willing to exchange for ownership defines its worth.

For years I’ve wanted to produce and sell my own digital prints, now the process fits nicely with where I am at, so what’s stopping me?

I’ve a huge back-catalogue of work and slowly I am digging through it all making sure each piece is up to the standards that I want to purvey.

If you see something you like, let me know, if you see something you like not, let me know, if you see something you are not sure whether you like it or not … let me know.

The day job:
In my regular day job I run the online media agency, Point and Stare, based in Old Street, London.
Saunter over and check the work we do.

The print run:
Most of the print runs will be limited to 20 only with a few 1 off pieces mixed in for good measure.
Each piece will be numbered and signed for authenticity.